Best Balance Ball Chairs

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Best Balance Ball Chairs

The health benefits associated with balance balls are well documented and they are a common sight across gyms and training spaces all over the world.
Advancements in balance ball technology in recent times has seen a boom in balance ball chair popularity, with users keen to reap the rewards of using a balance ball whilst being able to continue with their daily routine.

Unless you are fortunate to be training in a professional gym as your full-time occupation, MMA and BJJ training regimes tend to take place outside of existing work and family commitments.

Working in at a computer or in a sedentary environment can have disastrous implications on your health, in particular your posture and your core stability.

Balance ball chairs are a concept that enables you to continue to complete your daily tasks whilst improving posture and developing core strength and flexibility.

Inevitably, you are for more likely to spend more time per day in an office chair than in a training gym, so being able to incorporate some balance exercises into your daily routine can have a significantly positive impact on your health.

There are a few things to take into consideration when choosing the best balance ball chair for you.

Fundamentally, balance ball chairs are balance balls, that are attached to a back support, to enable you to stay in position whilst on the balance ball.

Comfort should be at the top of the agenda when choosing your balance ball chair, as you will probably be on the chair for a large period of the day so work within your body size and weight requirements.

Be sure to seek out a chair that is adjustable and durable. There is a technique to using a balance ball chair, so ensure that you can adjust the size of the chair in relation to what you are doing or who is using it.

In addition, balance ball chairs will undergo some serious strain if used regularly, so look out for chairs made from steel/metal rather than plastic when looking for maximum value from your balance ball chair investment.

Best Balance Ball Chairs

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