Best BJJ Finger Tape

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Best BJJ Finger Tape

Any experienced BJJ practitioner will know just how much trauma your fingers have to go through in any competitive BJJ environment.
When grappling, any part of the gi is of course fair game. Meaning grabbing on to your opponent by any means possible is a frequently used tactic and as a result, those fingers get put through the mill.
Using finger tape in the world of BJJ is a relatively recent phenomenon, with fighters using the tape to keep their fingers in place, more so than injury prevention.

The dangers of continued trauma to the hand and fingers are long-lasting and potentially impactful on day-to-day life. Frequent finger dislocations can lead to early onset arthritis in the hands and whilst most BJJ practitioners will be too wrapped up in the present to worry about such things, safety is key.

In addition, nothing is more frustrating for a fighter than getting their body into tip-top physical condition before a fight, only to be unable to compete due to nagging finger troubles.

Finger tape can be administered in a number of ways, from using the buddy system (where you tape weaker fingers to stronger fingers) to x-taping (a comprehensive, whole hand approach to taping), ensuring you have a technique that works for you is key.

Aesthetically, BJJ finger tape isn’t the most exciting addition to a fighters armoury but it can have a huge impact on a practitioners’ longevity.

There are a few things to take into consideration when choosing the right BJJ tape for you. The size of the tape (how long and how thick it is), the materials used to make the tape and its durability.
BJJ tape is of course more expensive than some regular Sellotape so cost isn’t too much of an issue. That said you don’t want to be forking out every week for some new tape. So, finding a roll that is long enough is an important consideration. Most rolls come in around 15 to 25 yards long, ensuring you can get plenty of use out of them before you need to replenish your stock.

Look for BJJ tape that is made from a combination of latex and rubber as that will assist with the longevity of each roll and wont cause you a distraction when fighting as the more durable the tape, the better.

Best BJJ Finger Tape 2020

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