Best BJJ Gi’s for Kids

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Best BJJ Gi’s for Kids

Much like adults, children take a huge amount of pride in their gi when training and competing. Like any piece of sporting equipment/clothing, personal preference is key and choosing the correct gi for your child is often dependent on a variety of factors. Using the gi is essential for fighters as they progress through the junior ranks and familiarity with the gi at an early age can pay dividends in the future.

The popularity of BJJ across the world has soared in recent years and the next generation of fighters look set to revolutionise the sport in the future. Much like for adults, choosing the correct gi for your childif they have been fighting for a while, is usually based around the aesthetics as they will already be familiar with their size and weight preferences.

For children who are new to the world of BJJ, it can be difficult to find the right gi with it being a rather unnatural piece of kit to wear and for some children it can be cumbersome.

One of the key considerations when looking for the best gi for your child, centre round the size of the gi. For kids, BJJ gi sizes range from M00 to M3. There are specific size and weight guidelines that accompany each category but only though trying a variety of sizes and exposure to each size, will you truly get to grips with what size is best for your child. The key to wearing a gi is ensuring that it is not too baggy nor too tight and fundamentally, your child can move freely when wearing it.

In terms of the materials used in making the gi, most kids gi’s are made from a single weave meaning they are lightweight and breathable. One of the other fundamental benefits of a gi is that it lessens skin on skin contact and therefore less bacteria is transmitted between children. As your child moves through the stages of development, the option of progressing to a double weave gi is always a good one as it makes it difficult for a potential opponent to grip the gi, but of course, is heavier to wear.

No matter how hard you try, gi’s will shrink in the wash. Of course, this is unavoidable, but should always be factored into any sizing decisions.

Best BJJ Gi’s for Kids 2020

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