Best BJJ Gi’s for Women

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Best BJJ Gi’s for Women

The importance of finding a gi that is the right size for you can never be underestimated. Fighting another person can often come down to the barest of margins and being comfortable in your gi, can make all the difference.

When first curated, BJJ was a male-dominated sport, that developed equipment to suit the needs of those men competing. Developments in the sport across the world since have seen an increase in women taking part in BJJ and the supporting equipment market is growing too.

Historically, women in BJJ would wear a male gi and work within the sizing structure to find one what worked for them. Obviously, this is unsustainable as male and female body types are vastly different and women fighters need to have the same comfort levels as men when competing or training.

Perhaps surprisingly, there are not a huge number of manufacturers producing bespoke gi’s for women, with a lot of female beginner practitioners still opting to start out with a men’s gi that fits them.

There are a few fundamental considerations to look for when piking your gi, most of which tend to be down to personal preference but can have a big impact on your performance.

It is always recommended to get yourself measured before you by your first gi. Knowing your specific cut requirements will make purchasing a gi so much easier.

How much your gi weighs is crucial. Remember, that your gi is an extension of your body when fighting so you don’t want to feel like it is too heavy for you. Lightweight gi’s are generally more popular for women BJJ practitioners but they are easier for an opponent to grip.

Which materials you choose to have your gi comprised from will also impact heavily on performance. Single weave gi’s are lightweight but again, can be easy to grip for your opponent. Whilst double weave gi’s tend to have the opposite properties (heavier and harder to hold), so finding a gi that works to your strengths is key.

Don’t forget, gi’s carry a unique composition and shrink very easily when washed – something that should always be factored in when picking the right size for you.

Best BJJ Gi’s for Women 2020

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