Best BJJ Shorts

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Best BJJ Shorts

No Gi training is becoming increasingly popular in the world of BJJ. As a result, there a plenty of BJJ shorts on the market for fighters to choose from.

In the past few years, the advent of training without a Gi has become commonplace in the world of BJJ and the marketplace around it has of course accommodated for that. Grappling/training in shorts is of course far more comfortable for most people, especially those who don’t necessarily compete on a regular basis.

BJJ shorts are specifically designed to soak up sweat with ease and dry easily, as well as provide a great deal of flexibility. Being able to move freely when fighting on the ground and have a total range of movement when kicking is an essential part of any BJJ fighters’ armoury.

Comfort is key when choosing the right BJJ shorts for you and much like MMA shorts, they are some of the snuggest things you can wear. With no pockets to weigh you down and with a real range of movement available in them, they can significantly improve a fighter’s comfort level in training scenarios.

There are generally three-types of BJJ short: board shorts, vale tudo shorts and hybrid shorts.

Board shorts are the most popular on the market that are tightened by a drawstring and velcro combination to adapt to your needs/size. Vale tudo shorts are fully elasticated shorts and perhaps take a little more getting used to. They are extremely tight to wear but offer the biggest range of flexibility. Hybrid shorts are generally the most expensive option of the trio, as they combine the style of the board shorts with the performance of the vale tudo shorts.

Key considerations when choosing the right BJJ shorts for you centre around the usual components when buying a new product: materials used, the brand making the shorts and how much the shorts cost.

Most BJJ shorts are made from tear-resistant, fast drying fabric that has been specifically designed to take a beating. Invariably, most BJJ shorts can also be used for MMA training as well as CrossFit/kickboxing making them a worthwhile purchase for those who train across multiple disciplines.

Best BJJ Shorts

Best BJJ Shorts


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