Best BJJ Training Gi’s

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Best BJJ Training Gi’s

Every BJJ practitioner worth their salt takes a huge amount of pride in their gi. Like any piece of sporting equipment/clothing, each athlete will have their own personal preferences as to how they want their kit to feel and look. A gi is no different and if used effectively, can act as an additional piece of armoury when grappling in BJJ.

The popularity of BJJ across the world has soared in recent years and as a result the supporting gi market has boomed. For experienced practitioners, choosing a gi is usually based around the aesthetics as they will already be familiar with their size and weight preferences.

For beginner fighters, finding the right gi can be an arduous process and choosing the wrong gi can be disastrous when starting out on your BJJ journey.

Key considerations when looking for your gi centre round the size of the gi (they have a unique sizing system), the materials used in making the gi, the rate of shrinkage (it WILL get smaller when washed) and the colour of the gi.

BJJ gi sizes range from A0 to A5, with the A standing for adult. Only though trying a variety of sizes and exposure to each size, will you truly get to grips with what size is best for you. Finding the balance between having a gi that is not too tight and one that is not too baggy, is essential.

Furthermore, gi’s carry a unique composition and shrink very easily when washed – something that should always be factored in when picking the right size for you.

The weave with which the gi is made is very much personal preference from fighter to fighter. Single weave gi’s are lightweight but can be easy to grip for your opponent. Whilst double weave gi’s tend to have the opposite properties, so finding a gi that works to your strengths is key.

The colour of your gi is also something to consider if taking part in a BJJ competition. Only white, black and blue gi’s are allowed in competition, so if you’re taking your BJJ more seriously, make sure your gi abides by the regulations.

Best BJJ Training Gi’s

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