Best Boxing Gloves for Sparring

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Best Boxing Gloves for Sparring

Sparring has an endless list of benefits for fighters. Most training practices don’t replicate the adrenaline rush that comes with sparring. Not to mention, the improvement of cardiovascular fitness, improved reaction speeds and footwork patterns are all directly proven to come about through effective sparring. Keeping you and your opponent safe when training though is key and having the best boxing gloves possible when sparring is highly recommended.

The worldwide popularity of boxing and specifically boxing-based fitness training has seen a huge growth in the amount of boxing glove manufacturers on the market, making choosing the right boxing gloves for you a potentially difficult task.

Individual training requirements are also something to consider when picking the best sparring gloves. Specifications such as glove weight, size and materials are generally down to personal taste and finding the right ones for you may take an element of trial and error.

Fundamentally, boxing gloves are there to protect your hands and of course your opponent from serious injury, so knowing your size requirements is always useful, regardless of your fighting level.

Most boxing institutions recommend that trainers wear at least 16oz gloves when sparring. Obviously, that takes some getting used to, but when wearing lighter gloves in competition – the benefits of being able to move and strike quicker will be very useful.
It perhaps goes without saying that boxing gloves will take a serious beating. Whether you’re training with a partner on the pads or actually stepping into the ring and sparring, they will be under some serious pressure.
As a result, most boxing glove manufacturers claim to have the most durable gloves on the market. Looking for gloves that are made from premium leather but remain lightweight and have a water repellant nylon covering is key. Water and sweat decay are the two potentially most damaging things boxing gloves can be exposed to and ensuring they are easy to maintain will help you a great deal.

Like all protective equipment, saving a few pennies is always appealing but with both you and your partner exposed to your sparring gloves, searching out the best ones on the market within your budget, is the right thing to do.

Best Boxing Gloves for Sparring

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