Best Boxing Gloves for Women

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Best Boxing Gloves for Women

Boxing has become one of the most popular sports for women across the world in recent years. From elite level fighters through to the grass roots, the endless benefits of boxing training are being enjoyed by women of all ages and abilities.
As a result, boxing glove manufacturers have attempted to plug the previous gap in the market to develop and sell, bespoke women’s boxing gloves.
Regardless of your sex or boxing level, having a pair of gloves that fit and protect all areas of your hand is essential. The advent of more women becoming involved in boxing training originally saw lots of women using men’s boxing gloves but causing injury through ill-fitted equipment.

A good pair of boxing gloves should primarily provide wrist support, so that the gloves can absorb the huge amount of shock passing through the carpal muscles. In addition, fingers should fit comfortably in the gloves and the hand should not be able to move too much.

Most of the big-name brands across boxing apparel have developed a wide range of women’s boxing gloves, all containing state-of-the-art technology to maintain a safe fighting environment for women the world over.

Protection is key when choosing which boxing gloves are best for you but there are also a few other things to take into consideration.

The majority of boxing gloves are made from leather, or a synthetic equivalent if you are looking to save on cost.

Genuine leather gloves are often the most durable on the market and offer excellent breathability, allowing you to be in control of your hands in the key moments.
Real leather of course is not for everyone, whether it be through cost or animal rights reasons, synthetic leather provides a more than ample alternative.

The size and weight of your gloves is also something to take into consideration. Women’s boxing gloves tend to come in smaller sizes than their male equivalents so working around your hand and strength dimensions is key.

Finally, the crossings on your boxing gloves can hugely impact upon performance. Lace up gloves do a fantastic job of keeping the wrist secure when fighting but can be cumbersome. In contrast, Velcro crossings perhaps don’t offer the same level of stability but are easier to manoeuvre.

Best Boxing Gloves for Women

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