Best Boxing Headgear

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Best Boxing Headgear

Boxing differs from other fighting disciplines such as MMA and Muay Thai in that fighters can only punch each other in the head and the body when boxing.
As a result, a boxer is putting their head in a potentially vulnerable position every time they enter the ring. Whether in training or competition, having suitable boxing headgear is paramount for your safety and in-turn the longevity of your boxing/training career.

The jury is out within top-level boxing as to whether or not wearing headgear reduces the impact of concussions within the sport. Of course, having a layer of protection when hit in the head would surely help but such is the veracity of some of elite level sparring, any strike flush to the head has the ability to cause serious damage.

Where boxing headgear comes into its own however is the protection against swelling, cuts and bruising on the face and head. In the world of professional boxing, bouts are often cancelled due to the injuries sustained in a fight and wearing sufficient headgear can certainly reduce the impact these cuts and bruises have on a fighter.

Most boxing/training set ups encourage all fighters to practice and spar with headgear on, not only as a precautionary measure but to allow fighters to practice at their maximum without having the fear of getting injured. Failing to wear headgear during practice has postponed many big fights across the world and is generally unavoidable.

Arguably the most important thing to look for when picking which boxing headgear to buy is comfort. The headguard must sit on your head with ease and not distract you from the enormity of the task at hand.

Competition and sparring headgear in boxing differ slightly, with competition headgear covering the top of the head, ears and temple – leaving the face free. Whilst sparring headgear covers the whole face more as a protective measure. Choosing the right headgear for you will also depend on your fighting needs.

Durability is the key thing to focus on here as with the pounding from you opponent and the sweat that is sure to be generated under the guard, headgear can begin to deteriorate pretty quickly, so investing in a higher quality product could be more savvy in the long run.

Best Boxing Headgear

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