Best Calf Compression Socks


Best Calf Compression Socks

Muscle stiffness post run or workout is particularly prevalent in the calves. Having a limited range of movement in the lower leg can be debilitating and can lead to increased risk of injury.
Calf compression socks have emerged on the running market in recent years as an effective and simple way of relieving muscle stiffness for runners.
The repetitive nature of long-distance running tends to put stress on the calf muscles unlike any other exercise. Building up muscular strength takes time but muscle stiffness can be a huge deterrent for people when looking to develop an training regime.

Calf compression socks are specifically designed to enhance circulation in the calf muscles and in turn, reduce the risk of muscle stiffness and muscle injuries.

The principal idea behind wearing calf compression socks is to allow you to work out without any psychological concerns about your calves, enabling you to concentrate solely on the task at hand.

There are plenty of things to take into consideration when picking the right calf compression socks for you.

Funnily enough, calf compression socks are designed to compress the calf muscles! So when choosing the socks to incorporate into your training program, comfort is one of the fundamental things to consider. Compressing the calf muscles helps with injury prevention but if they are too tight, circulation can become an issue. Be sure to work to your specific needs when picking the right compression calf socks for you.

Most compression calf socks are made from breathable, durable materials – to allow your calf muscles to flex and extend as they normally would do. Look out for lightweight calf compression socks too as you don’t want to be weighed down by your socks.

Due to where they are positioned on the body and the potential for sweat build up from the upper and lower leg, pick calf compression socks that are made from sweat-absorbent materials. If the calf compression socks are cheaply made, the sweat will build up in the socks, causing quite a stink and too much moisture in the socks could see them start to perish.

Best Calf Compression Socks

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