Best CrossFit Rigs

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Best CrossFit Rigs

Few exercise programs have enjoyed the worldwide success in recent years that CrossFit has.
The whole-body workout training platform has captured the imagination of athletes and non-athletes across the globe and the associated market has boomed.

CrossFit rigs are incredibly versatile pieces of equipment. There are a seemingly endless list of possibilities available for athletes when looking to create unique and exciting workouts, all of which have can have a hugely positive impact on your overall fitness.

Most of the exercises completed on CrossFit rigs are simple, natural, body weight practices that utilise complementary functional training equipment, which in turn allows coaches to devise innovative training methods and regimes.

Conventional CrossFit rigs come with pull up bars, monkey bars and spotter arms, enabling users to undertake a wide variety of exercises on the CrossFit rig, regardless of your athletic ability.

In addition to the endless array of exercises that can be completed on a CrossFit rig, consideration also has to be given to which type of CrossFit rig suits both your workout and space needs.

Functional training rigs are the most popular CrossFit rig as they serve the widest range of participants. They are generally transportable but very stable and are increasingly popular in personal training studios due to their versatility.

Performance training rigs operate at the other end of the spectrum as they target higher-level athletes. They tend to be less cumbersome than functional training rigs but they don’t have the broad appeal that functional rigs do.

Modular storage rigs are a streamlined version of the functional rig, that incorporates other elements and training methods into each practice. The USP here is how little space they take up, with every additional element of the rig being carefully catered for and if size is an issue in your training environment, this is the right rig for you.

When picking your CrossFit rig, be sure to seek out the most reputable brands and those with safety certification. Rig training is of course hugely beneficial and versatile but bad practice can cause injury so familiarity with CrossFit training and recommended techniques is key.

Best CrossFit Rigs

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