Best Decompression Belt for Back Pain


Best Decompression Belt for Back Pain

Few body complaints are as debilitating as back pain, as it can impact heavily on your daily life and failure to address back pain can have hugely adverse effects on your health in later life.
Regardless of your athletic ability, back health is vital and there are a multitude of aids than can provide pain relief and stimulate improved workout performance.
Decompression belts can limit potentially harmful movements and can ease pressure on the notoriously problematic lower spinal and lumber regions.
Athletes across a variety of disciplines are constantly placing strain on their back and for MMA and BJJ practitioners, the back is one of the parts of the body that is constantly engaged.

In addition, the complex, intricate nature of the back and the muscles and bones that comprise it, mean it can often be difficult to decipher which particular aspect of the back is causing pain and sustained damage can lead on to potentially disastrous problems, if not identified early.

Decompression back belts, are designed to decompress the spinal discs when working out, which in turn relieves pressure when undertaking lifting and weight exercises.

Furthermore, decompression back belts are proven to assist in the reduction of nerve injuries in the back – which is a common problem encountered by athletes lifting weights across the world.

Such is the importance of a decompression back belt, there are plenty of things to consider when picking the right one for you.

Sizing is key when deciphering which decompression to invest in, as you need to be able to relieve the strain on the lower back muscles with a tight-fitting belt. So ensure you are fully aware of your specifications when purchasing your decompression belt and finding an adjustable belt can be handy if your body type is susceptible to change.

Ensure you are comfortable when wearing your decompression belt, as you don’t want it to distract you from the task at hand when working out. Most belts are made from durable sweat wicking material, that is designed to be worn close to the skin and should remain irritation free at all times.

Best Decompression Belt for Back Pain

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