Best Double Ended Bag

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Best Double Ended Bag

Covering all bases and improving across all areas of your fighting style can have hugely beneficial performance when stepping into the ring.
Compared to heavy bags or speed bags, double ended bags are often overlooked within a training regime, particularly for beginner fighters.
Traditionally, double ended bags are harder to master but after all, stepping into the ring against an opponent isn’t exactly easy is it?
Double ended bags are arguably the most realistic training aid a boxer can have, with the design of the bag and accompanying stand often replicating a real-life boxing scenario.

Technique is at the heart of the operation when working on the double ended bags and regular practice enables fighters to improve their co-ordination, accuracy and agility in the ring.

Like any physical training practice, repetition on the double ended bag can also vastly improve your conditioning, reflex speed and footwork patterns too.

Double-ended bags replicate head punch practice, which of course sounds a bit brutal but in amateur boxing, points are scored by landing some head shots.

There are a few considerations to factor in when choosing the correct double ended bag for you.

Finding the right size double ended bag for your skill level is key. If you’re just starting out on your boxing training journey, stick to the bigger double ended bags and improve your confidence and your striking technique. As you move through the ranks, you can always reduce the size of the ball.

In addition, double ended bags tend to come in three different styles: single ball, double ball and Mexican style, with each carrying their own set of characteristics.

The single ball, double ended bags are the perhaps the most common and replicate punching an opponent’s head, making it a great practice tool for all levels of fighter.

Double ball training aids are similar but with the addition of a second ball lower down, allowing you to practice your body shots too.

Finally, the Mexican style double ended bag is shaped in more of an hourglass figure and is used more by elite level fighters due to its more realistic setup.

Best Double Ended Bag

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