Best Elevation Training Mask

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Best Elevation Training Mask

The benefits of elevation/altitude training are well documented. Exercising at elevation increases the oxygen transport capacity in your body, meaning that when you return to lower altitudes your capacity is faster than your body’s need for oxygen, increasing your fitness levels. The advent of elevation training masks have enabled athletes to replicate altitude training in normal scenarios and the results can hugely benefit your training regime.

All fighters at any level will have experienced running out of gas when in the ring. Aside from the very real possibility of getting hurt when fighting another person, running out of energy is a debilitating feeling and it can leave you very exposed to injuries.

Elevation training induces hypoxemia, which is a state of low oxygen in the blood, meaning your body has to work harder to keep your body functioning and getting all of the oxygen it needs.

Being able to improve your aerobic capacity, without having to travel to altitude is the USP of elevation training masks and whist they don’t perfectly mimic altitude training, they are a fantastic training tool.

There are a few things to consider when picking the correct elevation training mask to add to your training plan.

Such is the innovation in elevation mask technology, that most masks come with adjustable resistance levels. Training in an elevation mask can have different impacts on different people, so having a mask you can adjust to your specific needs is key.
Comfort is an essential consideration when picking your training mask, as it will be on your face when you are working out. Some elevation masks are thicker that others due to the materials used and the levels of resistance they offer.

Most elevation training masks are comprised from nylon, medical grade silicone and rubber so once again, work within the confines of what you would feel comfortable wearing and what you can afford.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, the fit of the mask on your face is something to always take into consideration. If the mask does not fit to the shape of your face, the effectiveness of elevation mask training is immediately lost. Invest in a sturdy, two-strap elevation face mask to maximise the impact it has on your training regime.

Best Elevation Training Mask

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