Best Exercise Sliders

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Best Exercise Sliders

The importance and impact of bodyweight exercises have become increasingly well-versed in recent times with athletes and fighters able to improve their physique from the comfort of their own homes.
Exercise sliders have burst onto the market as a fun and potentially more challenging alternative to traditional bodyweight exercises, ideal for those who want to push themselves to the limit.

All good fitness regimes have two key components: consistency in practice and variation of movements. In order to become a more accomplished fighter, increasing levels of strength across the whole of the body can have a significant impact on performance.

As mentioned, bodyweight exercises are not only amazing for your fitness levels, but they can be done pretty much at any time and anywhere, making them hugely popular.

Exercise sliders are a training aid, that make a wide range of bodyweight movements far more challenging, therefore improving muscle strength, endurance and conditioning.

The basic premise behind exercise sliders is to add an additional dimension to a pre-existing exercise. Regular mountain climbers of course provide excellent exercise but having to fight the natural movement of the exercise sliders adds an additional conditioning element to the practice and strengthens key muscles.

Exercise sliders are commonly seen in communal gyms but having your own set can vastly improve performance and speed up the process of reaching your fitness goals.

When picking the right exercise slider for you, durability must be at the top of your consideration list. They are generally designed from non-stick plastic material but under your feet and hands they will take a beating, so invest in a well manufactured set.

In addition, factor in the size of the exercise sliders as you don’t want to be lugging them around with you all day. Most are compact enough to fit into your gym back with no issues.

Aesthetically, exercise sliders also add a much-needed burst of colour to your workout, so pick your favourite colour and off you go!

Finally, try to account for the environment within which you will be using the exercise sliders. Most of the major sliders on the market work across a variety of surfaces but take care to ensure they work for you, in your gym set up.

Best Exercise Sliders 2020

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