Best Focus Mitts

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Best Focus Mitts

Punching and striking is an essential part of any MMA fighters’ armoury and improving technique and strength can sometimes be overlooked in training sessions.
Focus Mitts are lightweight, easy to store training aids that allow you to team up with a partner and practice those all-important strikes.
Any MMA/BJJ practitioner will be all too aware of how technical both disciplines are. Grappling is not just the game of cat and mouse many think it is and with so many different fighting styles in both MMA and BJJ, training has to carry a huge technical and tactical element.

Often forgotten in training as a result, is the technical elements associated with punching and striking. Adding snap and venom to your hits can cause plenty of damage to your opponent and whilst of course less technical, by no means less important.

Sparring is of course the go-to training method for those looking to improve their stand-up fighting skills but that carries plenty of risk and isn’t something you want to be doing for too long and that’s where focus mitts come in.

Popularised in the world of boxing, focus mitts are a really handy tool to throw your bag and provided you have someone willing to don them, you can have a really realistic practice session.

For those looking to work on their footwork, punch accuracy and punch timing, focus mitts are a great addition to your training regime. Furthermore, you don’t need to have a partner of a similar ability to you as the mitts provide ample protection for those wearing them.

Choosing the right focus mitts for you will centre round the price, the manufacturer and the durability of the mitts themselves.
Compared to purchasing a heavy bag, focus mitts are a bargain and they are a cost-effective choice for those looking to improve their punching technique.

Plenty of big-name boxing and MMA manufacturers are on the market with focus mitts. Opting for a tried and tested brand is key and choosing mitts that use shock-absorbent foam technology can also help with injury prevention in training.

Best Focus Mitts

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