Best Free-Standing Boxing Bags

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Best Free-Standing Boxing Bags

Heavy bags have been the go-to training aid for boxers across the world for generations and in training environments, there is nothing better.
They are, however, rather cumbersome pieces of equipment and not all homes/gyms have enough space to house a heavy bag. Free-standing bags have proven to be an excellent alternative for fighters, especially those who aren’t too keen on hanging a huge bag from their living room ceiling!

The popularity of MMA/BJJ training has seen a huge surge in the amount of people looking to increase their training regime from the comfort of their own homes. Free-standing bags carry all the functionality of a heavy training bag and with their versatility across a variety of fighting disciplines, they are an excellent addition to anybody’s home gym set up.

Arguably the biggest draw for a free-standing bag over a heavy bag is the simplicity with which you can set it up. All free-standing bags are mounted from the bottom, so simply fill the base with sands or water to weigh it down, and you are good to go! Contrast that to heavy bags, which need to be mounted to a wall or hung from a ceiling, therefore meaning a degree of DIY is necessary – and who wants to be messing about with that?

Being able to move your free-standing bag is another of its USP’s. Indoors or outdoors, the free-standing bag can be moved to your convenience and to accommodate your home training set up.

Free-standing bags are surprisingly durable and can take a good beating so whether it’s your general fitness you’re looking to improve or more technical striking and punching drills, a solid workout can be done on most free-standing bags.

Some things to consider when picking your free-standing bag is the size of the unit (do you have space for it in your training area), the materials used (most free-standing bags are made from dense foam in order to withstand some serious beatings) and the cost (obviously there is a market place attached to free-standing bags so make sure you invest in the right bag for you in the long-term).

Best Free-Standing Boxing Bags 2020

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