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Best BJJ Grappling Dummy

The combative nature of MMA/BJJ is not for everyone and it is simply not possible to always have a sparring partner on hand 24/7, especially one that matches your weight and size profile.
Grappling dummies have become a recent phenomenon in the training methods associated with MMA and BJJ as they have allowed people to hone in on technical practices without having to go through the hard yards of getting beat up on the mats to do so.

Nothing can replicate the range of emotions you have when actually facing another human being in any form of MMA/BJJ training or competition scenario but grappling dummies can certainly provide a suitable substitute in a training environment.

Generally, most grappling dummies are designed to replicate another human in terms of body size, weight and features and practicing a range of movements, strikes and grappling techniques on the dummy is precisely what it has been manufactured for.

And best of all, they don’t fight back!

Inevitably, grappling dummies will be taking a real beating so finding a durable and reliable manufacturer is key when choosing the right product for you. Most grappling dummies on the market are comprised from leather and vinyl, making them hard-wearing and long-lasting.

Grappling dummies have been designed to work within the nuances of both BJJ and MMA. BJJ specific grappling dummies may not always replicate a human in terms of appearance and may be more centred round the technical practice of throwing and takedown drills. Whilst there are more MMA friendly offerings on the market which will enable you to practice your submissions, striking and kicking realistically on the human shaped dummy.
Finding the right height and weight of the dummy you are up against is also key, as you want training to be as realistic as possible and each manufacturer has their own specifics when making their dummy.

In addition, budgetary requirements are an essential consideration when choosing your grappling dummy. They are certainly not the cheapest piece of training equipment available on the market and picking the right one for your training needs requires a fair amount of prior research.

Best Grappling Dummies

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