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Best Hand Grip Strengthener

Grip strength is a vital element of both BJJ and MMA, whether you are training with or without a gi. Being able to manipulate your opponent through grip strength and dictate the terms of the exchange is something that sets the best fighters apart. As a result, the importance of improving your grip strength has become apparent to all levels of BJJ and MMA practitioners and grip strengtheners have become a huge part of a fighters’ training regime.

Of course, hand grip strengtheners are useful across a range of sports/activities and they are commonplace in the world of weightlifting and body building.

The benefits improving your hand, finger and wrist strength through training with grip strengtheners are much the same as training any other area of the body.

Choosing the correct grip strengthener for you is key as over-training can cause serious injury and slowly building up strength in the hand is key, as hands are necessary for a variety of daily tasks outside of the MMA/BJJ environment.

Finding the best hand grip strengthener that offers the correct resistance for your level of strength is key. Each unit will clearly detail how much resistance it offers and working within your level of performance is essential.

Most grip strengtheners tend to call into two categories: adjustable and fixed hand strengtheners. Adjustable grip strengtheners obviously allow you to tailor your training to your needs and track your progress, but they are generally more costly. Fixed hand grip strengtheners often look like rather old-fashioned pieces of equipment and are rather heavy duty, but they will hit you less in the pocket.

Further innovations such as finger strengthening kits have also burst onto the market in recent times, with fighters looking for marginal gains as they step up their training regimes.

In general, finding a grip strengthener within your budgetary requirements and physical limitations is key.

Like developing any strength-based skill, muscles need time to grow, develop and recover to become stronger. And whilst not all grip strengtheners will give you that vice-like grip you’ve dreamed of overnight, continued training will allow you to improve your grip when fighting in the future.

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