Best Heavy Bag Gloves

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Best Heavy Bag Gloves

Heavy bag training is notoriously one of the most grueling workouts any MMA or BJJ practitioner can undertake.
Every strike on the weighted bag seriously takes it out of the body and having an appropriate pair of gloves is absolutely essential.

The gloves boxers use when training on the heavy bag differ greatly from those that they use when facing off against an opponent in the ring.

Heavy bag gloves are fundamentally designed to protect you, the fighter. Punching a huge bag repeatedly is not necessarily great for the body and the hands in particular take a serious beating when punching a dead weight.

Fundamentally, the difference between regular boxing gloves and heavy bag specific gloves is the extra layers of protection. Heavy bag gloves often come in sizes of 16oz or more, to keep a fighters’ hands, wrists and fingers safe when training at all times.

Obviously, the specific size of boxing gloves a fighter chooses to wear will depend on each persons’ composition but opting for larger gloves when taking on the heavy bag is always a good rule of thumb to operate by.

Durability is top of the charts when choosing which heavy bag gloves to buy. They will take a serious beating; from both your hands and the fact they are smashing into a deadweight of a bag. Don’t skimp on that initial purchase as you will be back online in no time buying a new pair, see the purchase of heavy bag gloves as a long-term investment.

Most heavy bag gloves are made from leather or a synthetic equivalent, so be sure to look out for a well made pair of gloves when purchasing and always opt for a reputable boxing brand.

The fundamental role of heavy bag gloves is protection. The best gloves on the market offer protection from the wrist all the way through to the hands and the fingers, so be sure to check for the products with the most amount of protection.

Breathability is also another thing to factor in when picking your heavy bag gloves. Your hands will get sweaty when training, especially under the weight of whacking a heavy bag so for maximum performance in training, look for gloves that allow your hands to keep cool.

Best Heavy Bag Gloves 2020

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