Best Heavy Bag Stand

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Best Heavy Bag Stand

Training on the heavy bag is an essential part of any MMA or BJJ fighters’ training regime. The popularity of heavy bag practice has seen more people than ever look towards bringing heavy bag training into their own homes.
However, not all of us have the space/facilities to hang a heavy bag from a ceiling, making heavy bag stands a necessity for all levels of fighter.

Unsurprisingly, heavy bags are very heavy things. They take up a huge amount of space and the unwieldly nature of them can make them a bit of an eye-sore in peoples’ homes.
Hanging a heavy bag from a ceiling fixture is a logistical nightmare for most, with safety considerations at the top of the pile of potential things to think about.

To combat this problem, heavy bag stands are on the market and they come in a variety of shapes, sizes and functions. Most stands out there don’t require any DIY to assemble and they are specifically designed to withstand the weight of both the bag and the beating it is sure to endure.

MMA and BJJ fighters can of course use a traditional boxing punching bag to practice their punching and striking but there are a wealth of MMA/BJJ specific heavy bags available too to enable fighters to enjoy a more realistic training environment.

Durability is key when picking the right heavy bag stand for you as it is going to take some damage over time. Most of the big brands on the market factor that into their product and offer sandbags as part of the package, to assist with weighing the heavy bag stand down.

There is no blanket sizing for a heavy bag stand, making it absolutely essential that you measure your chosen space to use the heavy bag in (accounting for floor space too) to enable you to use the heavy bag properly.

Assembling heavy bag stands is also a key safety requirement, particularly for novice fighters. Each heavy bag stand comes with its own set of safety guidelines/recommendations and abiding by them will enable you to get the most out of your heavy bag stand.

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