Best Kettlebells for In-Home Workouts

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Best Kettlebells for In-Home Workouts

The dynamism of kettlebells has made them one of the most popular in-home gym choices for beginner and elite athletes alike.
Increased awareness of HIIT training has seen more people than ever before turn to kettlebell workouts as part of a convenient and effective training regime.
Kettlebells are compact, training aids that can be used in a variety of different ways to improve overall body strength and fitness.

The USP of kettlebells is their versatility. They can be used across a broad range of bodily movements, all of which can target specific muscle groups allowing you to get the very best from your workout.

Part of their worldwide appeal is their durability and portability. They are compact, heavy pieces of equipment but they can be transported pretty much anywhere. In addition, they are super durable and can withstand a serious beating without showing any signs of deteriorating.

The popularity of kettlebell training has seen a huge increase in the amount of home kettlebell training options on the market and there are plenty of things to consider when choosing the right one for you.

What the kettlebell is comprised from will have a big impact on how it fits into your home gym routine. Most kettlebells are made from solid metal, which of course is great for lifting but it can cause some damage to your floorboards if dropped!
There are fabric adapters you can fit onto the kettlebells as well as softer material kettlebells for those who don’t want to be racking up home maintenance bills!

Most kettlebells come in a set of 3, 5 or 7 individual units, each weighing slightly differently. Be sure to work within your lifting capabilities when buying your kettlebells as you should be able to swing the bells around as part of your routine, not just lift them in isolation.

Having a plan with your kettlebell regime is also advised. Picking the weight and size of your kettlebell will depend on what type of workout you are looking for and which areas of the body you are trying to develop.

Best Kettlebells for In-Home Workouts

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