Best Kids Punching Bags

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Best Kids Punching Bags

Unsurprisingly, punching bags for kids and adults are two very different pieces of equipment. Aesthetically, they generally look the same but as any adult who has punched a heavy bag will attest to, punching bags can hurt if not used properly. The kids punching bag market has flourished in recent years, with the popularity of combat sports combined with the public awareness of youth fitness seeing an increase in the number of children practicing their punching skills.

Punching bags are not necessarily the most fun. Of course, they are functional, a superb way of training cardiovascular fitness and developing punching and striking skills but to kids, they aren’t a laugh.

Children who are looking to take their training more seriously however need a bespoke punching bag simply due to align with their development. In much the same way an 8-year old boy wouldn’t be paired with a 14-year old girl in his MMA beginner class, ensuring the punching bag is the right weight and size for the child is absolutely essential.

Kids punching bags tend to come in two variants: free-standing and hanging. Both have plenty of benefits, with the hanging bag often being able to take more of a beating whilst the free-standing option is much easier to move around your training space.

Ensuring children train on specific bags is paramount to their safety. Punching, kicking and striking a bag that is too heavy for them can cause impact injuries as well as do a whole host of muscular damage that can have a hugely detrimental effect on their long-term development as an athlete.

Children are known for their boundless energy and getting the right weight when setting up the punching bag will encourage them to train harder and gain results quicker. Most kids punching bags on the market accommodate for the ever-changing physiological developments most children go through and have height-adjusting features to allow your child to train realistically and properly.

Other key considerations to keep an eye on when choosing the right kids punching bag are the materials used – aim for an easy to maintain bag as if used properly it could take a bit of a hammering. Also, the installation process, whilst it is tempting to have a hanging bag, your child may become bored of scrapping quite quickly and you could be stuck with a big bag mounted to your living room ceiling. So ensure that your child is fully invested in a training regime before you go for broke.

Best Kids Punching Bags

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