Best Leg Stretching Machines

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Best Leg Stretching Machines

Flexibility is a key component of any fighters armoury. Being able to kick powerfully and freely is one of the most dangerous tools a fighter can have and leg stretching machines can go a long way towards improving a fighter’s range of movement.
MMA fighters use kicks regularly to unsettle and bring down their opponents whilst improving muscular strength and mobility in the legs can have a huge benefit across a variety of fighting disciplines.

Leg stretching machines were originally something only seen in communal gym environments but developments in the gym equipment market have seen more and more people look to bring leg stretching machines into their homes.

For fighters, strong legs are crucially important. As a base to operate from when striking or punching, for speed and footwork when stand up-fighting or to create or get out of potential submission opportunities on the floor, being able to rely on your legs when facing an opponent can be the difference between winning and losing.
Not to mention, kicking! Increased leg flexibility can allow you to make kicks that you simply shouldn’t be able to, giving you greater reach against your opponent and of course better balance.

The legs carry many component parts, so leg stretching machines are often multi-functioning and allow you to get a holistic leg workout.

Hamstrings tend to be the fundamental focus area for leg stretchers, as they are linked to muscles in your back. You can also use the leg stretchers to develop your groin, glute and calf strength and flexibility too.

When picking which leg stretcher to invest in, be sure to measure your space at home carefully. Having enough floor space to operate both the machine and your fully extended legs is key.

In terms of materials used, most leg stretchers are comprised from relatively basic materials so to be sure to check for sturdier products where possible.

Comfort is also key. Remember, you are stretching your legs in a relatively unnatural position, so you don’t want to be sat on a dodgy little plastic seat. Search for a well-manufactured leg stretcher to enhance your leg flexibility in no time at all.

Best Leg Stretching Machines

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