Best Men’s Boxing Shoes

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Best Men’s Boxing Shoes

Having a trusty pair of boxing shoes that allows you to perform to your best level is essential. After boxing gloves, there is a strong argument to say that your boxing shoes are your most important piece of equipment in the ring. As after all, if your feet aren’t in the right place, how are you going to land that sucker punch?

Whether you are an experienced boxer or just starting out on your journey in the sport, getting the right pair of boxing shoes for you is key.

Performance levels in training and competition can hugely be affected by the equipment with which you use and if you don’t have a suitable pair of boxing shoes, going toe to toe with another fighter can be a daunting experience.

Often overlooked, footwork is key in boxing. Think of the likes Mohammed Ali and more recently, Tyson Fury as working examples of guys who maximised their potential by possessing exceptional footwork in the ring.

The best boxing shoes provide support around not just the whole foot but the ankle too, enabling short, sharp movements and also stabilizing you when under pressure.

Traditionally, boxing shoes have a high top and can be laced up to around the shin – again assisting with support in the lower leg and ankle. In more recent times, low top boxing shoes have made their way onto the market, allowing for a little more speed around the ring. This comes down to personal preference and knowing what style you want will help you when picking your ideal boxing shoes.

In terms of sizing, most boxing shoes are made to accommodate normal shoe size patterns, although they can be a little narrow so factor that in when picking your new pair of boxing shoes.

Generally speaking, boxing shoe soles are usually made of a rubber or leather material, which both allow you to have the best footwork in the ring. Leather material provides less traction whilst rubber soles tends to give boxers more grip but finding the right specifications to you is key. A sign of a good pair of boxing shoes is ones that have good grip but don’t impede your footwork in the crucial moments.

Best Men’s Boxing Shoes

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