Best Mini Yoga Balls

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Best Mini Yoga Balls

Exercising on the move is fundamentally important for athletes of all levels and mini yoga balls allow you to be able to exercise whenever you get a spare 5 minutes!
Yoga balls have been commonplace in yoga training for decades, with the addition of a spherical object when exercising a tried and tested training aid.
Mini yoga balls are smaller, portable versions of the traditional yoga ball and they are becoming increasingly popular.

Yoga balls have been a common sight in gyms and training centres all over the world for the past two decades. Adding an increased range of movement as well as providing a comfortable training platform, has made yoga balls one of the most important tools in any yoga practitioners’ armoury.

They are rather cumbersome pieces of equipment though. They notoriously take a while to inflate (if you don’t have a brilliant pump), they can take up a lot of space within a training/house environment and they are difficult to store as they just don’t stay still!

Mini yoga balls are a more compact, portable and versatile version of the yoga ball.

Despite being smaller in size, mini yoga balls can still be used to develop strength in a wide range of muscle groups and through being smaller, they are better at targeting specific areas that are weak or painful.

Perhaps the USP of the mini yoga ball is its ability to be transported and deflated with ease. Mini yoga balls can be folded down into your pocket or handbag post workout, perfect for those who live busy lifestyles.
The reduced size of a mini yoga ball makes it far more versatile as you can work on a variety of different muscle groups and exercises with a smaller sized object.

When picking your mini yoga ball, be sure to work within your body composition. Don’t pick a ball that is too big or too small, as the bigger ball will be harder to transport, and the smaller ball could have less of an impact on your workout regime.

Other considerations include materials used and durability of the ball. Most balls are comprised from rubber and plastic so are relatively durable in most workout environments. That said, invest in a mini yoga ball made from strong and reliable materials when looking for longevity from your purchase.

Best Mini Yoga Balls

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