Best MMA/BJJ Mats For Training At Home

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Best MMA & BJJ Mats For Training At Home

Having the time, space and equipment to train at home is crucial for all athletes as they look to develop their skills, regardless of what sport they are playing.
This is particularly true in the world of MMA/BJJ as not having the correct equipment can be highly dangerous, placing an even greater importance on the need to get the right MMA/BJJ mat for home training.

Finding the right MMA/BJJ mat for you will centre around a couple of key considerations, how much space you have in which to place the mat and what you are looking to achieve from having a mat in your own home.

Invariably, most MMA/BJJ mats come in a variety of sizes that will replicate real-life training/competition scenarios. Ensuring you measure your space, with enough room to factor in getting on and off the mats is key when choosing the right mat for you.

If you are looking to use the mat for personal use such as technical development of skills/fitness training, then less thought needs to be given to the surroundings of the mat. Should you be purchasing training mats to grapple with others on, then the durability and safety of the mat should be your primary concerns before purchasing it.

Budget is another fundamental thing to factor in when purchasing a MMA/BJJ training mat and most MMA/BJJ training mats tend to come in three forms: jigsaw mats, roll out mats and folding mats. Each have their own associated costs, but all are pretty self-explanatory and finding the right one for your training needs, is essential.

Jigsaw mats are comprised of high-density EVA form and allow you to connect 2 equal size pieces together to make a bigger training mat.

Roll out mats are arguably more convenient and are certainly more portable. They are made from polyethylene foam, making them very easy to clean after to prevent bacterial spread.

Folding mats, meanwhile, are commonplace in gyms across the world for many fitness-based activities and whilst they may not be ideal for heavy-duty grappling, they certainly serve a purpose for plenty of technical training practices.

Best MMA & BJJ Mats For Training At Home

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