Best MMA Shorts


Best MMA Shorts

The functionality of MMA shorts is never underestimated by fighters. Being able to fight comfortably is key and finding the right shorts for you can be hugely beneficial before stepping into the ring.

For the uneducated, MMA shorts could well appear to be just a marketing ploy from some of the big brands to encourage fighters to ‘look the part’. Those in the know however are all too aware of the necessity of wearing MMA shorts when fighting, for both personal comfort and the safety of the fighter and their opponent.

Flexibility is at the heart of the operation with MMA shorts. Being able to move freely, both on the ground and when standing is essential. Most MMA shorts offer optional protection in the groin and are designed to allow more space when kicking.

Feeling comfortable in any fighting scenario is also important and MMA shorts are some of the snuggest things you can wear. With no pockets to weigh you down and with a real range of movement available in them, they can significantly improve a fighter’s comfort level when stepping into the ring.

There are generally two-types of MMA short: board shorts and vale tudo shorts. Board shorts are the most popular on the market, offering a traditional cut (to around the knee), providing maximum comfort and of course they come in a variety of colourful styles. Vale tudo shorts meanwhile leave nothing to the imagination in their fit (they are MUCH tighter) and they are more aligned with compression style shorts.

Key considerations when choosing the right MMA shorts for you centre around the usual components when buying a new product: type of material, size, brand and of course, cost.

Most MMA shorts are made from poly-directional fabric which enables a high level of flexibility when wearing the shorts and it will stretch if needs be. Also look out for reinforced stitching along the seams of a pair of MMA shorts, this will be hugely useful when grappling.
When picking the right size for you, be sure to factor in the need to be flexible when fighting. Most big MMA kit supplying brands offer a range of MMA shorts, all carrying their own distinctive features and finding the right short for you, in your price range, can help you a great deal when you next step into the ring.

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