Best MMA/BJJ Mouthguards

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Best MMA & BJJ Mouthguards

Most products on the MMA/BJJ market are designed to improve performance in both training and competition. Mouthguards however have the simple function of injury prevention, making it an essential part of any fighters’ armoury.

Mouthguards are a compulsory piece of equipment when fighting competitively, at all levels across MMA and BJJ and as a result, finding the right mouthguard for you is crucially important.

Whilst the aesthetics of potentially losing or chipping a tooth may not worry too many fighters, failure to wear a mouthguard can result in soft tissue damage around the mouth, cheeks and lips. Furthermore, more serious injuries in the jaw and neck can be prevented by wearing a mouthguard if encountering violent contact between the upper and lower jaw.

Most mouthguards are categorised in two-ways, stock and custom-made. The majority of stock mouthguards come in one-available size and are a cost-effective way of protecting your mouth when fighting. Generally, these mouthguards are comprised from thermoplastic material and through regular usage, will start to mould around the shape of your mouth more. Custom-made mouthguards are a more expensive offering as they require a dentist to mould the guards to the exact shape of your teeth/mouth. Whilst this is a costly exercise, it is the best form of protection for fighters.

Putting anything in your mouth for a sustained period of time isn’t necessarily comfortable, but the technological advancements in mouthguards improved dramatically in recent years. Comfort is a key consideration when picking a mouthguard, as you don’t want the mouthguard to be a distraction when fighting. Being able to speak and breathe with the mouthguard in place, is a good barometer of whether it is suitable for you.

In addition, searching the market for the right mouthguard to fit your mouth is also vital. The guard should protect both the teeth and the gums, whilst staying fixed in place throughout training/competition.

Other things to consider when picking your mouthguard are to ensure that the guard itself is easy to maintain/clean, the material is strong and doesn’t tear or split easily and that it is tasteless when in the mouth – allowing you to concentrate on the task at hand.

Best MMA/BJJ Mouthguards

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