Best Muay Thai/MMA Shin Guards

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Best Muay Thai/MMA Shin Guards

Anybody who has trained in Muay Thai or MMA will be all too aware of the necessity for shin guards when training. Repeatedly kicking an opponent puts a huge amount of strain on the legs, shins and ankles and Muay Thai specific shin guards help keep you and your opponent safe from serious injury.

Regardless of your fighting level, the selection of your shin guards is an important decision to make. When it comes to safety and longevity within your chosen fighting discipline, there are no shortcuts and choosing the best Muay Thai/MMA shin guards is crucial.

Shin guards are used across a number of sports but acquiring a Muay Thai/MMA specified pair of shin guards can also improve your training level too.

Muay Thai/MMA shin guards are generally lightweight, and they are designed to prevent the risks associated with skin on skin contact when kick training.

There are plenty of things to consider when choosing the best Muay Thai/MMA shin guards for you, ranging from the size of the shin guards, the materials used and how much they will set you back.

Knowing what size shin guards to wear is important as it enables you to kick freely whilst still having protection. Finding out the right size for you may well take a period of trial and error but generally speaking, you want to be move seamlessly with the shin guards on and of course, bulkier guards provide more protection but are harder to utilise.

Durability is another key consideration when picking the correct shin guards for you. Regardless of your fighting level, when Muay Thai or MMA training, your shin guards will take a beating – so just be thankful it’s the guards and not your shins! Most guards are made from leather or a synthetic substitute, making them very easy to maintain.

Shin guards are an essential part of most fighter’s armoury and they can prolong your fighting career. Ankles in particular are notoriously susceptible to injuries through striking and a trusty pair of shin guards can keep you in the ring, training and competing.

Best Muay Thai/MMA Shin Guards

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