Best Muay Thai Shorts for Women

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Best Muay Thai Shorts for Women

Muay Thai shorts are a unique piece of kit, for both men and women with their striking designs often the telltale sign that they are Muay Thai shorts.
In comparison to other fighting disciplines, Muay Thai shorts tend to be shorter in the leg and more free around the glutes, allowing for a wider range of movement that is particularly useful in Muay Thai.
Muay Thai shorts are generally unisex in composition but there are plenty of brands that manufacturer Muay Thai shorts in women’s sizes.

As a rule of thumb, women’s Muay Thai shorts tend to be shorter in length in the leg and carry a shorter waistband, once more enhancing comfort and range of movement.

Having a reliable and trustworthy pair of Muay Thai shorts is essential to any practitioner as it allows you to be comfortable when kicking, striking and grappling without worrying about the shorts slipping or causing an obstruction mid-fight.

Muay Thai shorts are a relatively popular piece of kit so there are plenty of things to take into consideration when choosing the best Muay Thai shorts for women.

Sizing and comfort are essential when picking your Muay Thai shorts as they cannot afford to distract you from the task at hand. As mentioned, women’s Muay Thai shorts tend to come in smaller sizes in both the leg and the waist so make sure you are familiar with your size requirements before you invest.
In addition, look for a free-fitting, Muay Thai short that is not too tight in either the glutes or the thighs for optimum performance levels.

Traditionally, Muay Thai shorts are made from satin, a tradition that is still very much in affect today. Invariably they are more expensive, but they provide an excellent range of movement and are loose fitting. Nylon and cotton equivalents are also on the market, but they are generally not as comfortable when fighting.

Other things to consider with Muay Thai shorts is the designs and the cost. Muay Thai shorts are well known for their wacky designs and if that is your thing, there are specific manufacturers who make weird and wonderful Muay Thai shorts to fit all. In terms of cost, satin Muay Thai shorts are the most expensive but can invariably take more of a beating so could be a shrewder long term investment.

Best Muay Thai Shorts for Women

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