Best Neck Harness

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Best Neck Harness

From a training perspective, your neck and surrounding muscles are arguably one of the most under-trained areas of your body.
Increased awareness of the importance of neck training has had a big impact in sports such as Formula 1 and soccer.
As a result, neck harnesses have burst onto the market as an efficient training tool to safely strengthen and develop neck muscles for all levels of fighter.

For MMA and BJJ practitioners, having a stronger neck can get you out of trouble at all times. Being able to worm your way out of a strong chokehold is essential and developing neck strength can hugely benefit performance.

Compared to most training aids, neck harnesses are particularly ungainly pieces of equipment. Working in much the same way as a weight belt, neck harnesses are attached to your head with a weight hanging from it, enabling you to develop your neck strength.

Of course, the consequences of failing to train your neck properly can be potentially life-changing, so a degree of caution is always advised when adding a neck harness into your training regime.

There are also a few considerations to factor in when choosing which neck harness is suitable for you.

Durability is one of the fundamental elements of all fitness of equipment, but it is particularly prevalent when it comes to neck harnesses. Make sure your neck harness is made from strong reliable materials and manufactured by a trusted source before embarking on your neck harness training regime.

The heavy-duty nature of neck harnesses means finding one that is adaptable is key. Ensure your neck harness has secure clasps and is easy to move to your specific requirements.

Comfort is another essential consideration when picking your neck harness. Of course, the act of training your neck muscles isn’t going to be particularly comfortable, but when the harness is strapped onto your head, it should cause you any pain or serve as a distraction from the task at hand.

The neck contains some of the most important organs in the body and it is certainly not an area of the body that should be messed with. If you are upping your neck training regime, invest in a solid neck harness that will not only strengthen your neck but will also keep you safe when training.

Best Neck Harness 2020

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