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Best Nunchucks

The connotations associated with Nunchucks are generally quite violent and barbaric.
Originally however, Nunchucks were (and still are) fantastic training aids in the world of martial arts and they can hugely improve technical and physiological performance.
Nunchucks are particularly useful for developing co-ordination skills and technique and once you have mastered the art of them, they can hugely improve your fighting performance.

Despite being categorised as dangerous weapons in many countries across the world, Nunchucks are a fantastic tool for developing hand speed as well as fast-twitch muscle memory.
The basic premise behind training with Nunchucks is to develop co-ordination and they can be used as resistance training aids. For fighters looking for the finite margins, training with Nunchucks can give them the extra edge over an opponent in the key moments.

Actually using Nunchucks however is significantly easier said than done and learning the required skills to use a set of Nunchucks effectively can take time so investing in a reliable pair can have a hugely positive impact on any training regime.

When purchasing Nunchucks, there are plenty of things to take into consideration.

Work within your size specifications when picking which Nunchucks you choose to buy. Most sets come in at between 12 and 14 inches but having a pair that is too long or too short can have a detrimental impact on your training program.
Of course, a pair of full blown Nunchucks are the most effective in training but they can cause some serious damage. Training Nunchucks are often made with foam sticks, making them ideal for beginners who are looking to introduce Nunchucks into their regular fitness routine. More experienced Nunchucks practitioners will be using rubber sticks, which are more realistic for training purposes but inevitably, carry more risks.
Durability is another key factor to consider as Nunchucks of any size or material will be put through the mill. Investing in a strong set will not only last longer and enhance training, but it will also help keep you safe when working out.

Be sure to also look for adjustable Nunchucks too. As you become increasingly comfortable with the practices, being able to adapt the Nunchucks to your workout will be hugely beneficial.

Best Nunchucks

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