Best Patella Tendonitis Support


Best Patella Tendonitis Support

Knee injuries are very much part and parcel of any athletes training life and they are particularly prevalent in the world of MMA and BJJ.
Few body parts undertake as much strain as the knees and patella tendonitis is a frequently seen injury across a variety of mixed martial arts disciplines.

In essence patella tendonitis is one of the most frustrating injuries an athlete can endure as the symptoms get worse, the more you exercise. Wear and tear of the knee joint is simply accumulated over time and in most cases these injuries are unavoidable.

Patella tendonitis supports are designed to give comfort and relief when you are training, ensuring you can still perform to the best of your abilities, without being distracted by nagging knee pain.

These supports are not designed to relieve post workout pain and in the long run, exerting more energy through the knee could cause more damage to a pre-existing injury. But compressing the knee, leaving it less exposed to the rigours of training and/or fighting, reduces the likelihood of picking up an impact injury.

Like any new exercise product, there are plenty of things to take into consideration when choosing the best patella tendonitis support for you.

The design of your patella tendonitis support will have a big impact on your ability to perform. It’s important that you choose a knee brace that you have full control over, allowing you to easily manage your condition. Seek out an adjustable brace with an ergonomic design that you can customise to your personal preferences.

Arguably, the most important factor to take into consideration is how the patella tendonitis support fits around the knee. Comfort is essential when training so ensuring the support isn’t causing an unwelcome distraction and provides protection for the knee is absolutely vital.

Most patella tendonitis supports are made from latex-free materials, that are lightweight and sweat absorbent. Neoprene is a durable material, that is also malleable to the knee’s unique shape and will be able to withstand the rigours of a training regime.

In addition, the levels of compression will vary with each patella tendonitis support. Reducing swelling is key to enhancing range of movement and pain relief so be sure to pick a support that provides a good level of compression around the knee joint.

Best Patella Tendonitis Support

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