Best Percussion Massager


Best Percussion Massagers

Any fighter will know that training/competition really takes it out of the body and recovery is key. Percussion massage guns are a great tool to have to help you get back fit and firing in no time.

The benefits of massage are well-documented and seemingly endless. Deep-tissue massage therapists are commonplace in elite level MMA/BJJ but regardless of your fighting level, being able to recover quickly is essential.

Percussion massagers are essentially a hand-held deep-tissue masseuse. The vibration therapy used in the massager digs deep into any existing tension in the muscles and joints, promoting faster recovery. In addition, muscular strength, flexibility and endurance is proven to improve when exposed to effective percussion massage therapy.

The USP of percussion massagers in the world of MMA/BJJ is the improved blood flow and targeted pain-relief. Post-fight/workout muscles are often very tender and percussion massagers can relieve pain quickly and increase blood flow. In turn, pain and swelling eases in the affected areas, assisting speedy recovery.

Athletes across a variety of sports have found percussion massage guns an extremely useful tool to accompany them and improve performance. They can be used as part of a warm up, to stimulate the working muscles in the body as well as help with relieving muscle stiffness after a workout.

Convenience is key to all of us and being able to self-administer massage therapy with a percussion massage gun eliminates having to schedule a massage with a therapist and allows fighters to recover on the go. Other key considerations when purchasing a percussion massage gun for the first time include how user-friendly the gun is, the additional features each gun offers, the volume of the gun and of course how much it costs.

Percussion massage guns can be relatively costly pieces of equipment, but the benefits are clear for all levels of MMA and BJJ fighters. Understanding the dynamics of a percussion massage gun and when to use it, is also essential and research into how to use one is highly recommended. Not all injuries can be fixed through massage therapy and following medical advice is always the favoured approach for fighters post-workout.

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