Best Punching Bag for Apartments

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Best Punching Bag for Apartments

Finding the right size punching bag for your home can be particularly challenging, especially if you are not blessed with loads of living space.
Taking your workout routine home however can have a huge impact on performance and training quality. Therefore, finding a suitable punching bag to fit and function in your apartment space, is essential.

Of course, any fighter is likely to get the best results by training in the gym. The hustle and bustle of training and fighting with like minded people always brings out the best in you.

Sadly, unless you’re being paid to train, gym sessions are generally a commodity that we all take part in a few times per week.

Adding a punching bag into your home gym setup can be hugely beneficial. From both a technical and fitness perspective, the results can be drastic.

Of course, however, if you are living in an apartment block, smashing seven bells out of a heavy bag all night isn’t going to do much to improve your relations with the neighbours is it?

Therefore, some of the biggest boxing manufacturers on the market have made a conscious effort to develop more compact and concise punching bags to allow you to train at home and not disturb others.

The size you have in your apartment will have a direct impact on which type of punching bag you opt to buy and remember not to be ambitious with your measurements as you will need space to operate and live in too.
Hanging heavy bags can of course work in an apartment setup but it will very much depend on your circumstances and space you have to hang it. They are also more expensive generally and are cumbersome pieces of kit.

Free-standing bags are a very convenient alternative to the hanging bag as they can be moved around but again, they are quite big and can take up some serious space in a tight apartment.

Doorway punching bags are particularly popular in apartment scenarios as they can be hung from just about any fixture, making them the ideal choice in tight spaces.

Be sure to also look for punching bags that pride themselves on being noise reducing (as you don’t want to be fighting with the neighbours too) and look out for durable materials as these bags will need to be able to take a serious beating.

Best Punching Bags for Apartments 2020

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