Best Punching Dummy


Best Punching Dummy

Replicating the adrenaline that comes with stepping into a real-life fighting scenario is often the hardest things for fitness coaches to do.
Punching bags have been the go-to choice for boxers and athletes for generations as they can absorb a real beating and are pretty durable.
As trends develop, punching dummies have become an popular alternative for those looking to practice the technicalities of boxing and combining it with a sense of realism.

For boxers, finding your range can be the hardest part of any boxer’s fighting regime and practicing punching another human body regularly is simply unsustainable.

Punching dummies are a fantastic innovation, that has allowed boxers to practice the intricacies of their striking and punching technique, without having to worry about wearing a punch in return!

To the uninitiated, boxing can appear as just a stand and deliver brawl, with two people looking to just hurt each other as much as possible. Whereas in fact, persistent strikes to weaker areas of an opponents’ body (e.g. kidneys) can wear down an opponent over the course of a fight.

As a training aid, punching dummy bags are pretty versatile, can be used across a multitude of fighting disciplines and most importantly, are designed to take a serious bashing.

There are a few things to factor in when picking the ideal punching dummy bag for you.
Durability should top the charts when looking for your new punching dummy. All of the offerings on the market are set on springs and made from rubber material that is conducive to striking but invest in a solid structure in order to avoid injury to you, the dummy or potentially both!

Work within the confides of your training space when picking your punching dummy. You need to replicate a realistic ring environment so ensure you can move and throw punches freely when working on your punching dummy.

Deciphering why you are buying a punching dummy is key too. They can be used for boxers and MMA practitioners alike, so work around your training regime and your technical needs when choosing your ideal punching dummy.

Best Punching Dummy

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