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Best Reflex Bag

No matter what fighting or sporting discipling you choose to pursue, improving your reflexes can have a hugely beneficial impact on your performance.
For fighters, having strong reflexes is a key component of any training or competition scenario, as you always have to be able to adapt to whatever your opponent is throwing at you.
Reflex bags focus more on the punching and striking elements associated with combat sports and they are commonplace in fighting gyms across the world.

To the untrained eye, reflex bags just look like a training aid for fighters to improve their power and speed, by smashing a bag to bits repeatedly.

The ultimate skill associated with reflex bags however enables fighters to improve their accuracy, agility, balance and co-ordination in a rapid-fire environment, enabling boxers to improve their muscle memory and conditioning.

Funnily enough, reflex bags work on reflexes. They are small, compact and will spring back once hit, replicating a genuine fighting scenario.

As opposed to heavy bags and speed bags, reflex bags are generally stand-alone pieces of apparatus and therefore don’t require a cumbersome stand or fixing to come with it. And, they also don’t take up more floor space, making them the ideal addition to any home gym set up.

Another positive when considering whether to purchase a reflex bag is the cost. Compared to heavy bags, the are a bargain and the fine margins that can be gained from efficient reflex bag fighting can have a huge impact in the ring.

That said, the reduction in price between a heavy bag and a reflex bag doesn’t mean should look to cut corners with the cost.

Reflex bags will take a serious beating, no matter what level of fighter you are, so buying a durable and sturdy reflex bag will be a long-term investment. Most are compiled from leather (or a synthetic equivalent), which is ideal as you don’t want to rip or tear the bag.

As they are free-standing, most reflex bags need to be filled with water or sand to be weighed down. Ensure you have ample space in your training area to accommodate the reflex bag base, as you don’t want it rebounding into your precious ornaments now, do you?

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