Best Reformer Tension Springs

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Best Reformer Tension Springs

With muscle recovery and pain relief such an essential part of any athletes regime, many MMA and BJJ practitioners are turning to Pilates to improve their overall body health.
Reformer Tension Springs are a popular training aid within the world of Pilates that is proven to increase muscle strength, range of movement and flexibility – regardless of your age or ability.

The basic premise behind Reformer Tension Springs focuses on athletes that are looking to increase strength by working against the natural gravitational pull of the tension springs, providing resistance for the body.

There are many benefits associated with reformer tension spring training including increased strength capacity and improved movement range through the muscles and joints, all of which are essential in the world of MMA and BJJ.

In addition, reformer tension spring training is a safe and efficient alternative to weight training, allowing athletes to perform resistance exercises without the potential peril that is associated with lifting weights.

It is also a hugely versatile training method too and it can be used across a variety of different body parts and muscle groups, making it extremely popular within the world of Pilates.

Picking the correct reformer tension springs for you is no easy task and there are a few things to always take into consideration.

Reformer tension springs come in different coloured springs, each carrying their own level of resistance and familiarity with how the springs work is also highly recommended.

Spring tension exercises tend to get more difficult as the tension levels are reduced, so if you are starting out on your spring tension journey start with increased tension and ease off as your capabilities improve.

In terms of durability, most tension springs are designed to undertake some serious strain but like all products there are varying degrees of quality on the reformer tension spring scale. Investing in a more solid, reformer tension spring set up could have long-lasting benefits to your health and performance and will be a valuable long-term investment so don’t look to cut corners with the cost.

Best Reformer Tension Springs

Best Reformer Tension Springs


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