Best Sissy Squat Machine

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Best Sissy Squat Machine

Designed to specifically target the notoriously hard to hit thigh/quad muscles, sissy squat machines have boomed in popularity.
The efficiency of the exercise coupled with the hugely beneficial results a sissy squat training program can develop, has made them commonplace in home gyms the world over.
For MMA and BJJ practitioners, finding the finite margins can be the difference between winning and losing a fight and sissy squat training is proven to produce results.

Incredibly, the origin of sissy squat training is named after Greek mythological figure Sisyphus. Known for his ability to cheat death, Sisyphus succumbed to his fate when Zeus ordered him to push a boulder up a hill. Using his incredible quad strength, Sisyphus gave the impossible feat a good go – hence the homage to his quad power and resilience in the name of the machine.

Squats are great for general health and of course, they can be done without a machine, but providing resistance in any training exercise can increase strength and enhance muscular endurance and the sissy squat machine is perfect for building strength across the quadriceps.

MMA and BJJ practitioners rely heavily on their quads for stability, strength and explosive power and regardless of their weight class, having a strong group of quad muscles can be hugely important.

There are plenty of things to take into consideration when choosing the best sissy squat machine for you.

Stability is key. Building leg strength puts a huge amount of strain on the whole body and the machine is designed to assist with stabalising the body. Ensure your sissy squat machine meets safety regulations and most importantly, can take your weight.

Most sissy squat machines are well manufactured, with plenty of padding to support you, but comfort is always vital when working out so be sure to find a well-padded sissy squat machine so you can focus on the task at hand. In addition, look for adjustable settings when picking a sissy squat machine, especially if you want to build up your strength and increase your muscle size.

Also be sure to check that your sissy squat machine is durable. You WILL put them through the mill, so look out for steel, strong sissy squat machines that can withstand all the squatting you do!

Best Sissy Squat Machine

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