Best Sleds for Olympic Weights

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Best Sleds for Olympic Weights

Heavy sleds can add that edge that other exercises cannot offer and with fighters often looking for small gains, sled training can provide the answer.
The fast-paced nature of all combat sports mean you have to be on your guard at all times and sled training can provide a holistic workout that can improve your whole-body strength.

For MMA and BJJ practitioners, incorporating innovative and versatile training methods to your regime can help your spirits high in the build up to a big fight or event. Whilst it is certainly not a new concept, sled training has become increasingly popular in gyms across the world and it is a welcome distraction from the repetitive nature of lifting weights.

As one of the most rigorous exercises you can undertake, sled training develops strength in a vast array of muscle groups, which combined with the cardiovascular element of pulling a sled along, makes it a fantastic workout tool for whole-body fitness.

Benefits of sled training include development of explosive muscle power, improved muscular endurance and co-ordination with both the upper and lower body working together to transport the sled.

Whilst the concept of sled training dates back to men pulling sleds along outside in fields, gym innovation technologies have developed streamline sleds that are safe to use in most training environments.

Olympic weights that add resistance to the sled are a fantastic addition to your sled to increase the resistance level. Be sure to find durable, well manufactured weights to add to the sled and build from the bottom up when choosing how much weight to add.

In isolation, the sled can be a rather dangerous tool, so safety is paramount when picking the best sled for you. Most sleds are built slide along most surfaces and withstand a significant amount of weight but be sure to check for safety regulations when purchasing the sled to prevent injury.

Another thing to look out for when picking the right sled for you is the design of the sled and the accompanying handles. Most sleds can be pulled, pushed or dragged in a variety of ways, so ensure you are comfortable with the design before you invest.

Best Sleds for Olympic Weights

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