Best Speed Bag Swivels

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Best Speed Bag Swivels

The benefits of speed bag training are seemingly endless. Quick-fire repetition is a tried and tested way of strengthening your muscles, improving technique as well as your speed and reaction time. An often-overlooked part of the speed bag though is the swivel from which the bag hangs. This vital cog allows you to train hassle-free and most importantly, safely.

Boxers have used speed bags in training for decades. Some of the biggest names to ever grace the sport have all been seen training on speed bags in preparation for big fights.

The role the speed bag swivel has to play in the functionality of the speed bag is relatively simple but highly effective.

With its ergonomic design, the swivel attached to the speedbag allows the bag itself to swing forward and backwards once stuck, in a rebounding motion. In addition, the other key function of a speed bad swivel is to allow fighters to hang their speed bag from a platform safely and securely.

Generally, speed bag swivels come in three different styles: ball-hook, U-bolt and chain link, with each having their own unique set of characteristics

Ball-hook speed bag swivels carry a traditional design, with the ball simply hooking onto the attached swivel. Being able to remove the speed bag post-workout is one of the huge advantages of the ball-hook design whilst it also provides accurate and realistic rebounds when training.

Technological advancements in recent times have seen new designs created and the U-bolt speed bag swivel is one of those. With a locking pin to keep the speed bag in place and a very secure mechanism, it is arguably the safest speed bag design, but it can throw up some odd rebounds.

One of the most popular speed bag swivels in training gyms is the chain link design. The unique characteristics of this design means it is nowhere near as loud as the ball-hook swivel, hence its popularity in communal training areas. It is pretty realistic too, with the only real issue being how difficult it is to move/change the speed ball quickly.

Be sure to pick a speed bag swivel that is durable too. The amount of strain a speed ball swivel endures is huge so invest in a strong one and get punching.

Best Speed Bag Swivels 2020

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