Best Squat Blocks


Best Squat Blocks

Any athlete will be all too aware of the importance of effective technique when squatting.
MMA and BJJ practitioners rely on squatting to develop and strengthen a variety of muscle groups but bad form when squatting can have disastrous effects for athletes of all levels.
Squat blocks are a tried and tested training aid that assist with form when undertaking squats and they are commonplace in training gyms everywhere.

Utilising the whole body to lift a weight when squatting puts the body under strain but development of this routine over time can have fantastic results. However, safety is top of the list of requirements when squatting and failure to stay safe can have disastrous consequences. Elite and beginner athletes are just as exposed to the potential perils of squatting and squat blocks can reduce the likelihood of injuries caused when completing squats.

The basic premise of squat blocks is to reduce the amount of pressure the body is put under when squatting, by providing support under the soles of your feet. Generally, the blocks are easy to transport and incorporate into any squat training regime.

Squats are probably one of the most taxing exercises on your body. To perform this compound exercise correctly, a level of flexibility and core strength is required. Squat practitioners are often lacking in the required hip and ankle mobility and squat blocks assist by elevating the heels of the athlete so they can perform this valuable exercise safely.

There are a few things to take into consideration when choosing the best squat blocks for you.

Ensuring your squat block is stable and reliable is essential. Regardless of your weight class, squatting puts the body and the squat blocks under pressure, so be sure to pick a well manufactured, preferably rubber squat block.

Most squat blocks come equipped with an anti-slip design, which is another safety advantage to look out for when choosing the best squat blocks for you.

Other things to consider include comfort, ensure you are feeling good when using the squat blocks and weight, invariably you will be carrying the blocks around with you, to and from the gym, so make sure they don’t weigh you down as you go about your daily routine.

Best Squat Blocks

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