Best Trap Bars for Deadlifts

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Best Trap Bars for Deadlifts

Deadlifts are one of the most effective exercises in the world of strength and conditioning. Any fighter that has trained in any capacity will be all too familiar with the struggles and strains associated with deadlifts, but efficient training can have a huge impact on your overall fitness levels.
However, there are plenty of risks associated with deadlifts and trap bars are designed to make deadlifts a safer and more productive exercise in both community and home gym environments.

Deadlifts are highly explosive movements that if performed correctly, can be hugely impressive. With weightlifting itself an Olympic sport, the sheer skill and power involved in deadlifting is recognised the world over.

The introduction of trap bars into the training market however was to reduce the amount of serious injuries recreational and professional athletes suffered from poor form when deadlifting.

Completing a deadlift with a single bar can put a huge amount of strain on the back and one slip can have disastrous consequences. With a primary purpose of easing the strain on the lower back, trap bars are ergonomically designed to allow the lifter to use the legs, glutes and core more when lifting.

Another key feature of the trap bar from a training perspective is its versatility. It’s unique design has allowed coaches and trainers to become creative when setting up practices for their fighters.

Durability is the number one feature to look out for when choosing your trap bar. Some offerings on the market will provide protective guards to reduce the impact of the weight banging on the floor and finding a trap bar that can take a bashing is key.

Your aspirations as a fighter will also have an impact on which trap bar you choose to purchase. For beginners, do not chase instant results and look for a really heavy trap bar, as only through training will you be able to build strength. That said, if you are an experienced dead lifter, be sure to shop around to find the trap bar that can accommodate your additional weight needs.

Best Trap Bars for Deadlifts 2020

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