Best Uppercut Punching Bag

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Best Uppercut Bag

Few punches in the world of fighting are as spectacular as a well-executed uppercut. A clean strike on the jaw can have disastrous consequences for your opponent, regardless of your fighting level and being able to land one is mighty satisfying.
Whilst they look incredible, uppercuts are also very technical and having a bag to train on can make all the difference when out in the ring.

Uppercut bags have burst onto the market as one of the most effective and popular training aids due to their versatility.

Most uppercut bags tend to take on two forms: free-swinging and wall mounted.

Free-swinging punching bags of all types are particularly realistic as they replicate having to hit a moving opponent in the heat of the battle. They are even more effective when working on uppercut training as having the ability to land an uppercut can completely change the outcome of a fight and improving uppercut speed and accuracy is a great skill to have.

Like all free-swinging bags though, they can be cumbersome and take up a great deal of floor space. The unique composition of uppercut bags means they can be rather noisy pieces of equipment too, meaning they aren’t always ideal in a home gym environment.

Wall mounted uppercut bags, meanwhile, are generally a cheaper and efficient option when looking to buy your uppercut bag. Once mounted, the bag shouldn’t take up too much space in your home and of course you can really work on your footwork patterns around the stationary target.

Inevitably, a fixed target doesn’t necessarily replicate a realistic fighting scenario so practicing uppercuts can sometimes feel a little vacant.

The size and the weight of your uppercut bag will very much depend on your physical capabilities but don’t be afraid to level up on the uppercut bag, as after all if you can rock the bag with your uppercut, you should certainly be able to rock a few chins.

Be sure to check for durability too. All punch bags take a beating, but uppercut bags are really in for a hard time, so invest for the long-term and choose a reputable brand if possible.

Best Uppercut Punching Bags 2020

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