Best Weight Vest

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Best Weight Vest

Regardless of what type of exercise you are undertaking, there are always ways to make a particular practice more challenging.
Weight vests are a simple but effective way of increasing the intensity of any workout.
Adding resistance to training is a tried and tested method and weight vests allow you to push yourself that little bit harder.

The basic principle of increasing the amount of weight you are carrying when training is simple, with the more energy the body has to exert – the better results you will see from a particular workout.

Weight vests do add an extra element into proceedings though as they are worn on the body, allowing you to maintain form and technique when completing a particular exercise, whilst reaping the benefits of having to hoist up the extra weight.

There are a seemingly endless list of benefits to training with a weight vest on. Making yourself heavier when working out is proven to improve cardiovascular function – as you simply have to work harder, enhance muscular resistance throughout the body and develop strength without isolating a particular set of muscles.

Picking the right weight vest for you will carry many different considerations and factors.

You will be wearing the weight vest, so finding a comfortable product for you is absolutely essential. In terms of materials used, most vests are made from breathable, sweat absorbent material that allows the vest not to become a distraction on the body.
In addition, working to your individual size requirements will be key and search for the weight vests with adjustable straps, as being able to tailor the vest to your needs will increase comfort levels.

Most weight vests come with compartments, allowing you to add and take off weight packs, depending on your fitness level. Work within your parameters as putting on too much weight may seem appealing, but it can also be counterproductive if you can’t move with the vest on.

Inevitably, weight vests will be put through the ringer as they are being worn and worked out in so durable, skin friendly material is another thing to search for as most weight vests should be seen as a long term investment.

Best Weight Vest

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