Best Wrestling Headgear

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Best Wrestling Headgear

Safety is the number one priority when it comes to protective equipment worn by fighters and headgear is an absolute staple for wrestling practitioners.
Head injuries have the potential to be career and life-changing, across a variety of sports and wearing the very best wrestling headgear possible is essential.

The head is not an area of the body that is designed to withstand significant and repeated trauma. As MMA and BJJ fighters, being struck in the head, accidentally or on purpose, is a risk that we all take, on a daily basis.

In addition, getting hit in the head is not fun and anyone who has been practicing martial arts in any capacity will vouch for it. Wearing headgear will not only prolong your participation in the sport but it will certainly add to your enjoyment of training.

‘Cauliflower ears’ are notorious in rugby union but the advent of MMA and BJJ fighters grappling has seen a huge increase in the number of fighters that have suffered significant internal and external ear damage.

Wrestling headguards are designed to protect the potentially dangerous pressure points on the head, including the temples and the ears. In turn, wearing protective headgear when wrestling can have a huge impact on reducing the amount of skin damage a fighter endures when training.

In addition to ear protection, wrestling headgear can provide extra protection to the back of the head and the chin – making them a must for anybody taking wrestling seriously.

Aside from the safety specifications with each product, buyers should consider the comfort of the head gear, the durability of the guard itself and the cost associated with the headgear.

Technological advancements in the world of wrestling head gear in recent times have seen products become far more minimalist, making them far more comfortable for fighters to wear. Ensuring the equipment is comfortable is key for all levels of fighter before stepping into the ring.

In addition, head gear will inevitably take a bit of a bashing when competing. Most head gear on the market is comprised from strong plastic materials and made with thick, robust straps, which is a must when choosing the right head gear for you.

When it comes to cost, don’t be too frugal. Saving money may well seem a wise move but when it comes to protecting your head, no expense should be spared.

Best Wrestling Headgear 2020

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