Best Wrestling Knee Pads

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Best Wrestling Knee Pads

The sheer amount of weight put through the knee when training and competing is staggering. Whether it be stand up fighting or grappling on the ground, the knees are constantly exposed and are key to mobility in the ring.
As a result, protecting both the outside and inside of the knee joint is essential when practicing MMA or BJJ.

Unfortunately, across all levels of MMA/BJJ training, knee injuries are a familiar sight. The unnatural nature of grappling with another person, looking to lock and hold one and other in a variety of angles, puts the knee joint under enormous pressure.

Knee pads are an absolutely essential part of any fighters’ protective armoury and finding pads that you are comfortable fighting and training in, can hugely improve performance.

Technological developments over the past few years have significantly improved knee pads and they have gone from being cumbersome supports that often get in the way, to lightweight pieces of kit that you can wear seamlessly.

Most people turn to always wearing knee pads once it is too late. Knees have a unique joint structure within the body and as a result, can take a long time to heel if injured and most people wearing them in the gym have a history of knee issues.

That said, the developments in manufacturing and increased awareness of the importance of knee protection has seen knee pads become far more commonplace in training gyms all over the world.

Central to your thoughts when purchasing knee pads should be mobility. Being able to do all of the things you normally do when competing/training should be exactly the same whether you are wearing knee pads or not.

Another thing to factor in is the materials from which the knee pads are made. Most pads on the market are comprised from foam padding, which provides a huge amount of protection to the knee itself and the surrounding muscles and ligaments. Gel padding is another innovation on the market, with the technology devised to allow the pad to mould around your knee/leg shape. Once more shopping around to find the right padding style for you is highly recommended.

Best Wrestling Knee Pads 2020

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