Best Yoga Back Benders

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Best Yoga Back Benders

Holistic body strength and flexibility are key components all MMA and BJJ athletes are looking to improve upon. Yoga training is a tried and tested method of improving core strength, without having to put the body through the mill as fighters so often do.
Back benders are a relatively recent invention within the world of yoga, a tool designed to assist with increasing strength and flexibility in the back and core muscles.

Back bends are one of the traditional yoga poses, with the benefits of opening the back and chest area when stretching, seemingly endless.

Curving the back can release tension in both the upper and lower spine, it can improve flexibility across the whole of the upper body and build strength in frequently underused muscle groups.

Back benders have been devised in recent times, as a sleek training aid to help people generate a curvature to their spine when back bending, which isn’t always the easiest thing to do.

Ergonomically designed, back benders are a prop that practitioners curve their back over in order to complete a range of workouts.

They are particularly popular for novice practitioners, who are looking to build up their movement range, but back benders can be used across a variety of different levels.

There are a few things to take into consideration when choosing the best back benders for you.

Safety is the most important thing to consider when picking your back bender. Putting your whole-body weight on any piece of equipment is potentially dangerous, so ensure your back bender meets safety standards. In addition, be sure to look out for a back bender that can withstand your weight (most manufacturers will detail how much weight their product can hold).

Back benders are generally quite cumbersome pieces of kit, so ensure you have enough space in your workout environment to cater for them. In addition, look out for the products with adjustable sizes and/or foldable features if you are looking to save space.

Manufacturers of back benders are fully aware of the strain their product can undergo. Ensuring you pick a reputable brand and a back bender that is comprised from durable materials is important if seeking out a long-term investment.

Best Yoga Back Benders

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