Best Yoga Peanut Ball

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Best Yoga Peanut Ball

Flexibility training through yoga can become an essential part of any MMA or BJJ practitioners’ regime. The increased range of movement coupled with the improved mindfulness yoga gives fighters can greatly enhance performance.
Peanut balls are a great training aid to increase flexibility, develop strength and relieve muscular tension post fight or workout.

Originally devised as a therapeutic tool, the peanut ball has become increasingly versatile and is used in yoga workouts and by women during pregnancies.

The unique design of the ball can provide comfort when using it as well as develop core strength muscles, making it a prefect addition to your workout armoury.

Recovery is a key component of any fighters’ regime as picking up injuries is an unavoidable part of training and competing. Peanut balls are proven to aid with easing tension in the muscles as well as pain around the joints, allowing you to get back in the cage quicker.

There are a few things to take into consideration when choosing the best peanut ball for you.

Size should be your number one consideration when picking the right peanut ball for you. The training aid will only be fully effective if you can match the correct sized ball with your body composition. Generally, peanut balls come in between 40cm and 70cm so work within those diameters to find one that works for you.

Manufacturers of peanut balls and all exercise balls for that matter, are fully aware of the strain their product can undergo. Ensuring you pick a reputable brand and a peanut ball that is comprised from sturdy, durable materials will be key to the longevity of your peanut ball purchase.

Safety is another key consideration when picking your peanut ball. Being able to work out safe in the knowledge the ball won’t burst mid-exercise is key, so once again look for the reputable brands and safety certificates for optimum peace of mind.

In addition, be sure to opt for a peanut ball that suits your needs. Birthing peanut balls are very popular on the market and are designed to assist with childbirth – not post fight workouts! So make sure you do your research before parting with your hard earned cash.

Best Yoga Peanut Ball

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